Scientific Engineering Centre “Biomass”

We are greening the future!

Scientific Engineering Centre "Biomass" Ltd. (SECB) is a consulting and engineering company established in January 1998. At present it is the leading commercial Ukrainian company in the field of energy production from biomass (wood, straw, manure, municipal solid waste and other organic waste), development of JI projects under Kyoto Protocol, energy efficiency, energy audits, design of energy facilities.

Our common goal is to make contribution to the energy efficiency increasing and optimization of energy production from renewable energy sources, taking into account business requirements as well as compliance with social norms and rules. At the same time, we tend to provide our customers with economic benefits and energy resources savings in order to enhance competitive advantage and sustainable development.

  • We believe in sustainable development of society.
  • We are creating the future based on renewable energy sources.
  • We reckon on revenue from work that serves the society.

We are greening the future!

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine




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