Scientific Engineering Centre “Biomass”

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The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU)

To support R&D activities by Ukrainian scientists and engineers, formerly involved with weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery, as part of the general process of their conversion to a civilian, market-oriented environment.

Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The main scientific-technical research areas of the Institute are: thermophysical studies of processes in heat and power equipment using traditional and alternative sources of energy, and development of methods for increasing its economic efficiency, reliability and environmental safety.

National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is one of the leading institutions of education, science and culture in Ukraine. University is preparing, retraining and educating teaching staff and agribusiness professionals; spread scientific and technical knowledge and best practices among employees of agricultural sector, and improve their comprehensive skills.

NGO Renewable Energy Agency

Non-governmental organization created for promotion of the renewable energy sources development in Ukraine

“TIS Eco”

Company “TIS Eco” was established to implement projects of MSW biogas production, collection and further use for energy purposes. “TIS Eco” is part of "TIS" (production of building materials, logistics and development) group of companies.


The company is a recognized leader of the fiberboards production and complex processing of wood. More than half of all manufactured in Ukraine fiberboard panels produced at Uniplit in extremely clean “wet” method, without the use of phenol-formaldehyde resins.


«Kirovogradoliya» one of the largest oil producers in Ukraine. The main activity of the company is processing of sunflower seeds and production of oil extraction presses, refined and deodorized, and the meal. Capacity of sunflower seeds plant is 226 thousand tons per year.

Ukrainian сompany SINAPSE

The basic direction to the company’s activity is implementation of a complex of works on creation of guaranteed power supply systems of industrial enterprises, public and office buildings, banks, medical establishments, computer networks and telecommunications, other responsible consumers; — construction of cogeneration and trigeneration systems (mini-CHPs); — production and supply of electrical engineering equipment.

Public Company “Vatutinsky Kombinat Vognetryviv”

Public Company is one of the biggest Ukrainian producers of kaolin calcined and unshaped refractory materials derived on it. In 2007 the enterprise has become part of “IMERYS” group, which is leading on the world’s market of mineral materials.


Ukrainian company, which provides infrastructure related services in the energetic sector of industry. Its core operations diversify across electrical, heating and thermal generation related services for residential, commercial municipal and industrial projects. It also provides support and optimization services for natural gas and oil processing and production. At present time Company developing actively providing electricity infrastructure in clean energy generation sector.

Web-site "World of waste"

A profile free message board for proposals on technologies, equipment and services for waste utilisation and treatment, demand and supply offers for recyclables, advertisement for events and publications in the field of waste utilisation.

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC)

Support programmes, energy and climate-control programmes, consulting projects, etc. are managed by Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC). KPC acts as a partner for public-sector clients, offering its services both in Austria and abroad.

MVV Consulting GmbH

Аn independent, private firm which has specialised in the process of energy production.
Phone: +49-30-885 760 0
Fax: +49-30-885 44 33
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Decon GmbH

The German energy consulting company working in the fields of energy economy; oil, gas, coal effective use; electric power production; renewable energies, environmental protection, etc.


The leading architectural, engineering and general contracting firm, offering an integrated, comprehensive planning, design and build solutions for a broad range of construction and engineering projects worldwide.

The Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (DENA)

the German Energy Agency — is the competence centre for energy efficiency and renewable energies.

The Austrian Energy Agency

The Austrian energy research and policy institution in which the federal and the provincial administration and some fifty important institutions and corporations from a variety of economic sectors cooperate. The Austrian Energy Agency is the principal partner of the federal government in its effort to attain its energy policy objectives, which aim mainly at an macro-economically efficient production and a rational use of energy, at a stimulation of renewable energy sources and of innovative technologies.

Biomass Technology Group B.V.

BTG is an independent private firm rendering consulting, engineering and research services in conversion of biomass and municipal solid waste into energy.

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