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Project duration: 2011 — p.t.

Financing organization/partner: European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

Project summary:

TБаки-аккумуляторы для нагретой водыhe project framework includes technical assessment of possibility of alternative energy sources implementation at the district heating system of Zaporizhzhya city. The activity is perfomred by consortium of SEC "Biomass" and ?F Engineering (Sweden). Project foresees complex modernization of communal district heating system in Zaporizhzhya city, namely installation of heat utilizers and three cogeneration units at three boiler houses with total power capacity of 14 MWel and thermal capacity 17 MWth. Up to 90 % of produced electricity will be supplied to the Integrated Power Grid of Ukraine, 10 % will be used for own needs of boiler houses. Thermal capacity of new cogeneration units will be fully consumed by local customers connected to existing boiler houses.

Period: 2010-ongoing

SEC "Biomass" is a technical expert under EBRD credit line aimed at financing of energy efficiency projects and implementation of RES at provate enterprises in republic of Moldova. Total volume of credit line is 20 million Euro and which foresees grants of 5-20% from the total loan volume. EBRD provides loans for local partner banks, which in their turn provide lending to Moldovan companies. Companies applying for financing to MoSEFF receive technical assistance. A team of technical and financial experts will assist the applicants in the assessment and optimization of their projects. The Moldovan partner banks are responsible for the financial due diligence and the final decision on the loan disbursement.

Period: 2006 — ongoing

SEC "Biomass" experts have been performing technical consultancy services for over 5 years under UKEEP. UKEEP is a credit facility developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), targeting Ukrainian private companies in all sectors looking to invest in energy efficiency or renewable energy projects – investments that will decrease energy consumption, increase own energy production or make energy usage more efficient. UKEEP provides free technical assistance by international energy efficiency experts for companies with project ideas that are eligible for UKEEP financing.

Period: 2009 — 2011

Energy auditors of SEC "Biomass" provide technical consulting services under the Programme aimed at increasing priority of energy efficiency measures and ensuring inclusion of feasible projects into long-term investment plans of enterprises. Providing technical assistance and long-term financing, EBRD ensures support for projects that would either be postponed or not implemented, thus assisting its clients to realize their energy saving potential to the fullest extent.

Period: 2010 — 2011

Project summary:

SEC "Biomass" provides technical and environmental consulting services under the Project aimed at undertaking a comprehensive Feasibility Study for rehabilitation/upgrade of the existing district heating system in Lviv City so that it can provide environmentally friendly, cost-efficient heat supply and to enable the Bank to appraise a bankable Project for the prospective EBRD loan.

Period: 2008 — ongoing

Financing institution/parthner: First Climate AGBoiler house

The main project objective is substitution of natural gas fired thermal generating installations (steam boilers) by wood-fired boiler Vyncke. Thermal energy will be produced utilizing own wastes of the plant and will be consumed for technological needs of the plant.

Period: 2009New boiler production SPKTB «Energomashproekt» Ltd

It is fist and the only for today operating and power generating project utilizing biomass on the territory of Ukraine.

Project foresees substitution of natural gas by biomass via replacement of old boilers with new boilers operating on sunflower seed husk. Steam turbine Velkobites (Czech Republic) has been installed at the enterprise for power generation. Core business of the Plant is processing of sunflower seeds and production of pressed and extracted edible oil. The enterprise is one of the leading companies in oil extraction market in Ukraine. Kirovograd EOP has production capacities of 75,000 tons of edible oil per year, which ranks it #2 in the respective industry of Ukraine. Total number of employees is 727.

2008 — ongoingCogeneration plant — beginning of construction

Financing institution/partner: Vattеnfall Netherlands B.V.

The project is the largest power generation project utilizing renewable energy sources in the Republic of Moldova. The project foresees switch from separate generation of heat and power via utilization of fossil fuels via installation of 8 cogeneration units operating on gas cycle of internal combustion engines.

Period: 2009 — ongoing

Under present Project experts of SEC „Biomass" participated in performing of the following tasks: development of a Model to evaluate GHG Emission Reduction Potential; development of Ukraine's institutional and legal framework for JI/IET/GIS; assessment of organization capacity of the Ukraine Designated Focal Point; development of supporting procedural framework; development of a pilot GIS transaction with MCCF; capacity building and training.

Period: 2009 — ongoing

SEC „Biomass" experts developed the course of lectures and practical trainings for implementing the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms in Ukraine. On project training workshops, our experts provided participants with complete information on development of different JI projects (such project types as fuel switch, energy efficiency, coal mine methane utilization, biomass waste utilization, landfill methane capture and others). Later on, a Handbook on JI projects development in Ukraine was developed and published. This Handbook contains comprehensive information on development of JI projects by the national and international Procedures, requirements on registration of such projects, information about other financial mechanisms under Kyoto Protocol. Development of the Handbook was performed in a close cooperation with the State Agency of Environmental Investments of Ukraine (SEIA).

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