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Chairman's message

We cordially invite all the interested representatives of Biomass Community to participate in the 12th International Conference on Biomass for Energy, which will take place in Kyiv (Ukraine) on 20-21 September 2016.

Ukraine is a country with big potential of biomass and rapid growth of bioenergy. According to the official energy balances of Ukraine for 2010-2014, bioenergy sector has been growing on average by 42% per year. That resulted in the replacement of about 3 billion m3 of natural gas in 2014. However, this rate of growth is not sufficient to achieve the goal set by the National Renewable Energy Action Plan for bioenergy, namely, to replace 7.2 billion m3/year of natural gas by 2020. It means that even higher growth rate in the bioenergy sector should be provided in the coming years.
Main obstacles for the sustainable bioenergy development in Ukraine are:

  • non-market, subsidized prices of traditional energy sources in some sectors (full transition to the market prices will be completed by April 2017);
  • shortcomings of the setting tariff procedure for biomass heat;
  • absence of the competitive heat market;
  • lack of effective mechanisms to stimulate bioenergy sector
  • undeveloped domestic market of biomass and biofuels;
  • insufficient level of information and dissemination activities.

Targets set by the National Renewable Energy Action Plan for bioenergy most likely will be achieved if the indicated barriers are removed.

These and some other problems of bioenergy sector and also possible solutions to them will be discussed at the Conference, which since 2002 has annually brought together about 200 national and foreign experts and has been the main event in the field of bioenergy in Ukraine.

Conference Chairman,
Georgiy Geletukha

Organizing committee

Conference Chairman

Georgiy Geletukha
Chairman of the Board of the BAU, Head of Department of Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, NASU,
Director of SEC "BIOMASS"


Oleksandr Dombrovskyi
People's deputy of Ukraine

Sergiy Savchuk
Head of State Agency on Energy Eciency and
Energy Saving of Ukraine

Kees Kwant
Senior Expert Bioenergy and Biobased economy, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs,
the Netherlands

Lesya Matiyuk
reconcept GmbH, Germany

Scientific Secretary

Tetiana Zheliezna
Senior researcher of Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, NAS of Ukraine, Head of Department of SEC "BIOMASS"


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