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In April 3 2018, in the Nova Oleksandrivka village in Zgurivsky district of the Kyiv region, a demonstration project on the energy use of wood from gardens pruning was implemented on the basis of "MAIS" LLC. The event was organized by SEC Biomass – UABio member together with Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" within the framework of the project "uP_running – sustainable supply of woody biomass from agrarian pruning and plantation removal" funded by the European Union Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020.

In extensive apple gardens over 40 years old with a density of 156 trees/ha, trimmed manually every three years, from 7 to more than 10 t/ha of wood is formed. The workers cut the trees and put the branches in a roll in the middle of the line. Further, using a shredder aggregate to the tractor, the wood is cut into pieces up to 13 cm in size, which is immediately packed in bags. The full bags are loaded into a tractor-trailer and transported to storage areas or directly to the boiler houses. Within the radius of 5 km from the gardens, there are two objects with solid fuel boilers, which can use pruning biofuel: "Olvin Plant" LLC and Novo-Aleksandrovsky Educational Complex.

At the same time, Nova Oleksandrivka village has an additional local biomass potential for energy use. In the village vicinity, there are significant volumes of additional wood, including old gardens. To use it, it is necessary to increase the productivity of the value chain. This will provide an additional source of income for growers and create new jobs.

Due to a resource-saving approach to using existing biomass in Nova Oleksandrivka village, the villagers have changed the attitude towards using uprunning wood from gardens. Today, in the village, gardens prunings is an energy resource that is already being used successfully for the heating of social facilities and for the production of thermal energy for industry.


You can find Demo video here.



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