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In march 28 2018, in the Kostyantynivka village in Melitopol district of Zaporizhia region, a demonstration project on the energy use of wood from gardens pruning was implemented on the Black Sea fruit company Ltd. gardens. The event was organized by SEC Biomass – UABio member together with Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" within the framework of the project "uP_running – sustainable supply of woody biomass from agrarian pruning and plantation removal" funded by the European Union Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020.
Measurements showed that in high-tech apple gardens with a density of planting of 3000 trees/ha annually is cut from 2,2 to 3,3 t/ha of wood with a humidity of about 48%. In the Black Sea fruit company, as well as in other horticultural enterprises, wood from the gardens pruning pushes out with a tractor from the rows of the garden, forming large heaps. But, unlike the common national gardening practice of burning such batches, General Director of the Black Sea fruit company – Vasiliy Mikulin initiated the creation of a value chain on gardens pruning processing into wood chips, which is used as solid biofuel in boilers or as mulch for trees. To do this he purchased the necessary equipment, in particular, a modern wood chipper, a spacious trailer and a solid fuel boiler with automatic fuel feed, which will be installed this year. Wet wood chips are transported to special storage facilities, where it is dried and stored until the heating period. In general, taking into account the losses of biomass during the technological operations of the value chain approximately 1.2 tons of wood chips with a 25% humidity is obtained from one hectare of the garden, which is equivalent to a net calorific value of about 450 cubic meters of natural gas.


You can find Demo video here.

The workshop Up_Running was attended by more than 40 participants, among them: representatives of agrarian companies, farmers and representatives of municipalities from all over Ukraine and foreign countries.

The event was opened by an expert from the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Tetiana Zhelyezna, who spoke about prospects of bioenergy development in Ukraine, Yuriy Shafarenko, State agency on energy efficiency and energy saving of Ukraine representative, who emphasized the interest of the State Agency in supporting bioenergy projects, and the Up_Running project coordinator Alla Kravchenko, who introduced the up_Running project: goals and results.

During the workshop, an electronic tool – Observatory – was presented. The tool has the aim to provide information to farmers and investors on the potential of biomass from agrarian pruning and plantation removal. Also, practical information on the use of wood biomass from trimming and eradication of plantations for energy purposes in Ukraine was presented  (see Semen Dragnev's presentation below).

Seminar Energy Crops

Aim: To demonstrate the domestic and foreign experience of energy crops growing and the economic efficiency of using biomass from energy plantations for sustainable energy production in Ukraine.

Target audience: agrarian companies, farmers, municipalities, commercial companies, government agencies.

Organizers: Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, scientific engineering center "Biomass", "Kyiv International Contract Fair" Ltd.

Event location: Kyiv, Ukraine, 15 Brovarsky ave, "Livoberezhna" metro st., International exhibition center, pavilion №2, entrance 2A, 2nd floor, conf. hall 9.

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Seminar Energy Crops

UABio member SEC "Biomass" in the framework of the international project «up_Running» conducts an all-Ukrainian workshop "Renewable energy from agrarian pruning and plantation removal: development of value chains as a step towards economic and environmental efficiency".

Aim: To highlight information on intermediate project results: presenting existing value chains, business models and best practices, and discuss potential opportunities directly with stakeholders.

Target audience: gardeners, service companies, energy consumers, municipalities and government agencies.

Organizers: scientific engineering center "Biomass", Association "Ukrainian agrarian business club".

Event location: Kyiv, Ukraine, 15 Brovarsky ave, "Livoberezhna" metro st., International exhibition center, pavilion №3, entrance 3A, 2nd floor, conf. hall 15.

Participation in the workshop is FREE under the condition of pre-registration with the link below:

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Additional information about the project you can find here.

uabioconf 2018 enWe are happy to invite You to the annual International Conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2018"!

Date: 25-26 September, 2018
Event location: Kyiv, Ukraine, great conference hall of the NASU

Main topics:
• Strategy, policy issues, financing;
• Electricity generation and heat production from solid biofuels;
• Biomass resources and pre-treatment;
• Biogas production and use.

On December 14 and 15, 2017 year, within the framework of the project "uP_running – sustainable use of wood biomass from trimming and eradication of perennial crops" funded by the European Union Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020, based on the industrial gardening company Triad-MK LLC and a utility company Vinnytsyaoblteploenergo, which produces, transports and supplies heat energy, two demonstration projects on energy use of wood have been implemented in Vinnytsya oblast concerning pruning and uprooting of perennial agricultural plantations into fuel chips and pellets.

Harvesting, transportation, and processing of wood of fruit trees were carried out at the production facilities of Triada-MK LLC. Test batches of biofuels were transferred for use in two boiler-houses of the village of Tyriv for social facilities heating.

In 2017, members of the project consortium led by Austrian Energy Agency are completing the international project «Bioenergy for Business» (В4В). The Horizon 2020 project B4B aims at supporting and promoting the (partial) substitution of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, gas) used for heating with available bioenergy sources (such as by-products of the wood-based industry, forest biomass, pellets, straw and other agricultural biomass products) in the project partners’ countries and beyond.

Dear professionals and enthusiasts of bioenergy! International Conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2017" invites to participate and offers advantages of early registration. In 2017 the conference will be held on 19-20 September in the heart of the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, in a historic building of the Great Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Dear colleagues! Organizing Committee of the conference "Biomass for Energy 2016" is glad to inform you that preliminary programme of the conference has been prepared.

Programme is available by the next links: / .

First brochure of Bioenergy4Business project "Biomass in-house boilers for potential operators/investors" is available on the project web-site and  in section "Background Materials" on our site.

The brochure contains:

  • • Basic technical rules for establishing in-house bioenergy heating systems;
  • • Examples of logistic systems for fuel delivery;
  • • Presentation of successful cases with key characteristics and photos;
  • • Links and contacts for further information.

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